Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How You “Merge” in Traffic Tells Your Personality

Merge. Absorb.  Amalgamate. However you put it, you’re doing it wrong.  Yes, you.  Car merging is an age-old necessary evil.  Since the days of Model T’s vying for the same lane in a congested street, we’ve always had a nervous tick when the merge sign rears its ugly head during our morning commute.  “Do I let them go ahead of me?  Do I speed up and pass this group of cars?” Questions begin to manifest when we’re deciding on our merge tactics.  The best part, is how much our decisions reflect our personality.  In today’s blog, we’re breaking it down.  

“A man drives as he lives.” 
Cynthia Gorney

There are two types:

Lineuppers – the individuals who take their time, usually ahead of the impeding merge point.  They wait in line patiently as traffic slowly moves toward a goal.

Sidezoomers – these individuals race ahead of the line and dart into an opening at the last second.  Usually without using their blinkers or any indications.

Lineuppers are usually less aggressive and more accommodating drivers who see driving as more of a community-based activity.  Sidezoomers are more aggressive and opportunistic when it comes to driving.  

Why Late Merge? 

Late merging can be cause for some crashes.  Due to aggressive driving, abrupt changes or sudden stops, a late lane merger can cause a conflict.  In most cases, drivers don’t know when to merge so they take the latest opportunity they can to move quickly.  

The Gentle Merge

Another option is to cruise about a quarter-mile of stopped traffic with a signal on, requesting an opening.  Eventually, one person will let you over, or you’ll find a nice gap to squeeze into.  Try it!

So, what kind of driver are you? 

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