Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top Automotive Myths

Movies, water cooler discussions and urban legends have created a lot of myths when it comes to the automotive industry.  In today’s blog, we debunk (we love that word) a lot of these automotive follies in our newest post. Enjoy!

Myth - Engine oil should be changed every 3000 miles.  -  The newest engines perform at optimal performance for an extended period of time.  Consult your owners’ manual and trust the engineers who designed the engines, not the fast-lube industry marketing folks who advocate 3000-mile changes.

Myth – Placing a potato into the exhaust pipe will stop the engine – a potato pressed into the exhaust pip will shoot out wen the engine starts running!

Myth – Sugar in the gas tank will ruin the engine – False!  Sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline nor does does it mix I added as a liquid.  It just sits at the bottom of the gas tank.  If a ton of sugar was poured into the gas tank then it would eventually clog the fuel lines or filters, thus stopping the engine but it could take compressed air to blow it out.

Myth - Aftermarket oil and fuel additives work well and are worth the money - Reality: No, they don’t work well, and they’re not worth the money. TV and magazine ads demonstrating dramatic results fail to mention that the conditions shown in the ads don’t exist in every-day engine operation.

These are just a few myths from the automotive industry.  What’s one you’ve heard recently?

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