Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning is on it's way

It’s almost spring cleaning time at KTeam Used Cars.  So we decided to share some thoughts on organizing your car. 
Have you ever found yourself digging around in your car for a stamp, change, or napkins? Or perhaps you’ve had your cell phone fly off the dash and down below your seat while trying to stop? This blog might help you discover some ways to keep your car cleaned and organized.  You’ll never know when you might need something in case of an emergency and when things are right at your fingertips you now have the ability to find them quickly and safely.   
Car organizer’s come in all types of shapes and sizes and are always helpful in making our lives more efficient.  Even something small and easy is a real blessing if used properly.  
It seems I’m forever searching for pens and stamps and with the right organizer you can  successfully complete your hunt for these items within a matter of seconds. 
During long trips in the car your children will enjoy finding their PS2 or Wii tucked neatly in the back seat of the car with their favorite movies or games. 
While we can’t teach Lil’ Johnny to put the game back where they find it, we can help you select a great car organizer that will suit your needs. Our service department has a great selection of these problem solving organizers that you can order right online.  
You can visit our website at
Find the right organizer for your car and your spring cleaning can be scratched off the list. 
Have you ever known a friend that’s got everything thrown in the back of their car from /Cheerios to last years laundry? Perhaps this blog will help someone else you know clean up their ride too.  

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