Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keep your car clean without ruining your finish

At KTEAM we decided to share some knowledge with you on cleaning cars without destroying your paint's finish.  

Let’s face it, you spend a lot of money on purchasing a vehicle so don’t let a car wash ruin your investment.   In this weeks blog we discuss some hot tips that can help keep your car looking it’s best,  and can help prevent dangerous situations.  Let’s start by discussing your privacy, something many people overlook when getting their car detailed or washed. 

You should never leave change out for someone to be tempted. This may also prevent break ins.  Lock up your personal info. A car registration has your address on it. Take precaution when working with strangers. Yelp is a valuable resource if you need to research a car wash. After time the people that work at the car wash may get to know you and trust will be built by how often you take it there. 

Frequency of washing your car depends on a few factors.  If you are in a state that the roads are salted or parking under trees with a lot of birds you may want to wash the car once a week.  However, if the car is parked in a garage, or rarely gets dirty once a month is sufficient. 
Now we’ve talked about how often, let’s talk about what a good car wash looks like. 

A good car wash is one that uses cloth instead of brushes that can leave scratches.Once the clear coat is damaged the entire car needs to be repainted. All new vehicles have a clear coat finish. 

Make sure they are using fresh, clean towels when they wipe down the car after the wash is over.  Towels that are being reused are often like sandpaper due to the dirt that was on the previous vehicle. 

Don’t be fooled by getting talked into the extras.  For the amount of a bottle of Armor All, you will be saving more than if you opt to getting the attendant to spray your tires. 

Don’t forget to get the underbody done.  This will help your car to perform better and can really make a difference in the longevity of the vehicle being free from rust and salt. 

Stay away from harsh chemicals that can cause damage if you’re a DIY kinda person.  A friend of mine used dishwashing liquid on his black car and on a hot summer day. The car was damaged permanently with swirl marks. When he traded his car in he got 20% less value because of the cars finish. 

That’s it for this week, but if you would like to find a reputable car wash in your area feel free to contact us.  We will also appraise your car free of charge if you’re curious about trading it in. Call us at 888-596-2797

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