Friday, May 3, 2013

Check out this weeks blog and find out what the guys at Sirius Radio are doing now


Those folks at Sirius XM are going after some real serious business.  The company has been in business for close to a decade and reaches close to 4 million square miles across the U.S.  They have a record revenue of $897 million dollars in sales.  This company is expecting to add another 1.6 million listeners to their 24.4 million listeners by the end of this year.  Not only are they dialed in to countless vehicles, they are also able to go 200 miles offshore making it great for boating and use in airplanes.  Sirius XM looks to complete its projected goals for getting more involved with the auto industry.

Sirius XM has been working on an infotainment platform. Entertainment with Sirius includes a large, more tailored footprint for their listeners.  Such as sports channels, comedy, and talk shows, live and full of rich content that local radio may not have. However, their focus is to add Infotainment, meaning they will have the ability to be more like OnStar and provide listeners with weather updates, provide roadside assistance, and deliver traffic updates along with the choice of entertainment. 

Sirius is targeting more auto companies to add this as temporary feature that can be subscribed after a 90-day trial.

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