Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is your car stinky? Read this before you use an Air Freshener.

Other than masking the odor of your automobile what good are Car Air Fresheners?  Can you re-use them? Do they have other significant uses? Why do we use these scent avengers? This week’s blog might enlighten you more about the heavily perfumed ornaments that you never knew before.  If anything you can impress your friends at your next party with this incredible knowledge you are about inquire.  First let’s look at the history of the Car Air Freshener and then we can touch base on the rest..

The little tree car air freshener was created 60 years ago in Watertown N.Y. by Julius Samann.  Samann, was listening to a milk  man complain about the stench of spoiled milk.  It just happened to be,  Samann was also a chemist who was studying  tree smells in Canada.  He patented his invention known as “Little Trees” and before you knew it every Lucky Strike smoker in the late 50’s had a tree dangling from the rear view mirror.   The scented trees have been dancing around happily in front windshields everywhere.  Other than the obvious rear view mirror with the foil string how else are these gadgets placed?  Perhaps your laundry room needs a bit of an uplift? Why not place them in a closet? No matter where you put them there are so many types to choose.

The great thing about these marvelous breeze  smelling items is that you can find one just right for you almost anywhere.  Every chain store sells them.  The car was sells these doodads. And there is a variety of places to display them. They can be clipped in front of a vent or kept in a tin pot inside a cup holder.  They can also be sprinkled on your carpet or stuck on your dash.  However way you display them look out for two things 1.) Make sure they are not going to damage your car  2.) Make sure they are safe for your environment.  

One of the reasons that Car Air Fresheners may not be safe is due to the chemicals that they are made with.  They can be made with Aerosols or they can be oil based.
Be sure to read what they are made of.  Basically they could be polluting the air in your cabin so be sure to read your labels.  A.F.’s could be toxic so read your labels!  Look for organic air fresheners that are oil based and provide more of an aromatherapy instead of a gas chamber of smells. Also make sure you aren’t leaving them somewhere a child or animal can ingest them. They can be very deceptive to a child or a dog by looking like Hello Kitty or candy.  Think about it!

The other thing to think about is there longevity of smells.  Below is a chart that can help you determine the best for your buck when it comes to your cars essence.

Hopefully this gave you some additional points on Car Fresheners.  Contact us for more information at KTEAM Used Cars.

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